trembling but roaring


alternate ways of saying 'i love you'

How to say 'I love you' without saying 'I love you'.
I want to draw constellations on your skin, connecting the dots between your thoughts and feelings. You are an extraordinary creation. The sun and the moon and every star in the midnight sky live solely to illuminate your features, they exist to see your eyes sparkle with wonder as your beautiful mind attempts to wrap itself around infinity, struggling to fathom darkness with no end. Thank you for walking this earth and not giving up all those times you wanted to be enveloped by the night. Your eyes are as deep as the sea and looking into them is terrifying because it could be so easy to get lost and drown in the waves of your understanding, love, pain, every second of every minute of every month of every year you have lived, every story your eyes hold. Your voice soothes my heart like a honey balm and tears my soul up like a mile-wide tornado. Your taste in music is superb. You feel more like home than any physical four walls and rooftop; every story you tell is a picture framed on the gallery wall of your soul and my favorite past-time is admiring every little crack on your walls, the weird quirks and decorations, the crown molding, the ever constant changing paint and fading wallpaper; you are a strange architectural masterpiece, unusual, stunning, completely comfortable. Your smile melts my joints to nothing and builds my confidence to heights only astronauts have experienced. You are a fabulous mix of bone and undiscovered galaxies. Your laugh is contagious. Your life is contagious. Your courage, quiet confidence, love, peace, person is contagious. Thank you for being you.
I love you.


  1. yes, exactly.
    (i love you a lot, darling.)

  2. shut up, shut up, shut up. this, i can't even.
    your words give me chills.

  3. don't stop writing, this is a masterpiece.

  4. Oh my gosh, just found your blog. You are just beautiful. Where is your follow button?!

    ♥ samantha