trembling but roaring


anxious / dramatic / direction

i'm not trying to be dramatic
my brain is just filled with static
a constant buzz, hum drum
it can make it hard to
rest; some
times i think the thoughts are
slowing, turns out they're just
for dramatic effect
but i think i'm getting to a place,
thoughts are a little more
still, a
little more quiet
or maybe i'm learning to just
tune it all
now. either way, i know the quiet of the
night will
come, again, and thoughts will be just
as chaotic as the beginning of the world,
again, as numerous as the stars,
again, and, somehow i'll make it out,
i'm not trying to be dramatic
 my mind's just an addict
leaving me with all or nothing
and no direction as to where i am
it's hard not to use hyperbole when stuck in a
or is it all exactly as it seems? )