trembling but roaring


this is who you really are

you are stronger and more confidant than the world tells you.
you are amazing.
you are.
child, let me tell you, you will move mountains. one of these days - maybe tomorrow, maybe in a year, it might even be on the last day of your life, old and gray, i don't know - but someday, you are going to do something incredible. you might not think it is all that big at the moment, or ever when it is long over, but, you see, one tiny drop of water can move and change the surface of the whole ocean. you just living, choosing to continue breathing today, is world-changing.
do not let the world tell you who you are, because the world is full of liars and thieves out to steal your personality, your life, your happiness. do not allow them that satisfaction. instead, find those rare souls who will do anything to build you up with honest words and deep love. do not let your heart focus only on the negative. turn yourself around and look at all of the good. hey, you got out of bed this morning, and that is magnificent. the world is still revolving around the sun, and that's kind of a big deal, and hey, maybe your favorite band is releasing new music soon, or your favorite book is being turned into a movie, or you got accepted into that university you've dreamed of attending; your favorite tv show is continuing for another season, summer is almost here and everyone knows that summer makes you big-goofy-smile-happy, you got a new shirt/dress/ring/tie/pair of shoes today, the small local movie theatre is playing an old childhood movie with $1 tickets tonight, that obscure band you love has music on spotify now, your hair looks superb, you found your favorite ugly sweater that you thought you had lost forever but it was just buried in the back of your closet, the barista at that little coffee place on the street corner by your house gave you a compliment on your shoes (they are really super duper cool), your all-time-favorite-in-the-history-of-ever movie is on tv tonight, you've gone all week without harming your lovely arms, you actually made a decision today (chocolate or vanilla? chocolate), your winged eyeliner looked perfect today, you landed with both feet planted on the ground after taking that ginormous leap of faith, you kept down everything you ate today, the air was crisp and it felt good breathing it into your lungs - the list could go on and on and on.
see? there is good surrounding you everywhere, you just have to look. now don't you dare tell me there is nothing wonderful in your life, because that is a dead, lonely lie. love, i wish i could sit down with you and point out to you every little bit of happy in your life; there is so much, it's all over the place, nooks and crannies stuffed with something lovely, all for you to discover.
listen to your heart. listen hard. listen to that love and hope and encouragement and thump thump thump deep within your rib cage, flowing through your bones.
you are living.
you are awesome.
you are worthy.
you are loved more than you will ever know.
you are more than your mistakes and fears and bullies and peers and anxiety and pain and past.
you are lovely and joyful and courageous and inspiring and cool, calm, collected and light and a promising future.
you are.


  1. ah, Gracie. i always *love* your posts, even though i hardly ever comment (so sorry about that). this is beautiful, girl. raw and full of truth, and encouragement. thank you for sharing this - your writing is amazing, and it touches more people than you realize. :) xx

  2. Holy *smokes* that was amazing. and much, much needed. perfect, beautiful, inspiring words. (: