trembling but roaring


you are now, because you were

you are wise now. you know between good and bad, and almost always choose good. you read poetry, and can quote cummings, frost, and five different shakespeare sonnets. you are cultured, well rounded. you are wise now, because you were once foolish. you made mistakes, but you didn't let them ground you. instead you turned them into wings of knowledge and now the sky is no longer a restraint.

you are strong now. everyday of your life, you carried the weight of the world on your shoulders. you carried both love and pain in your heart. dark circles, sleepless nights, secrets, all bottled up inside, and then you learned to let go. you are strong now, because you were once weak. you learned to love and trust and listen, and with those lessons and letting go you grew tall.

you are fearless now. point a was a long time ago, one very long jump behind. now you're here. you have brave tattooed on your wrist, placed there as a reminder to yourself that you have overcome so much. you have moved mountains. you are fearless now, because you were once afraid. you over-thought everything and never took any chances, but now here you are. wise, strong, and without fear. because you lived life and you made mistakes and you bore the weight of everything on your soul and now you are who you are, perfectly imperfect, always growing.

you are wise,
you are strong,
you are fearless.


  1. obviously you wrote this for/about yourself, but as i was reading it i was thinking "how do you know all this about me? how do you put into words what i've gone through and who i am, WHEN I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO DO THAT MYSELF?"

    and once again your beautiful words have brought me to tears.

    i've said it before, but basically we're soul twins. our hearts beat the same way.

  2. Love this so much, Gracie. I feel this in my heart.