trembling but roaring


some notes to myself

i. Don't worry. You will find yourself again someday.
ii. Fight for your dreams. Fight hard, honey. Use your hands, use your soul, move swiftly.
iii. Use your words wisely. Give your YES only to things that
excite you and to people that bring out your brave.
iv. "Please hear me, Girl: The world has enough women who know how to do their hair. It needs women who know how to do hard and holy things." [ Ann Voskamp ]
v. Babe, learn to say NO, it's healthy.
vi. Breathe. In. Breathe. Out. Breathe. In. Breathe. Out.
vii. Your heart is still pumping all that blood through your veins which means you are alive which means you have yet to fulfill some kind of purpose which might be big or it might be small but that should be more than enough reason to  hold your head high every morning through evening and stare life straight on and proclaim yourself as a living, breathing threat to all bad and lover of good films and obscure music and lovely people and deep conversations and if you learn to invest all of your blood, sweat, and soul into whatever you put your mind to you then get this: failure can't grasp you.

if nothing else, take a warm bubble bath, listen, and relax.


  1. mmhmm, 'if nothing else, take a warm bubble bath, listen, and relax.' yess and amen and yes again.


    ps i sent you an email awhile ago but maybe you never got it? my email address is felicity acacia(at) if you're feeling kind enough to pop me a note. ;)

  2. Dear Grace,

    This is wonderful. Simple and pure wonder. I love it all.

    "ii. Fight for your dreams. Fight hard, honey. Use your hands, use your soul, move swiftly."

    For some reason, this really resonated with me. Especially the last sentence. I often forget one of these components, especially moving swiftly. I have so many dreams, but I am a little slug as to getting them accomplished. This is a beautiful reminder.

    This is a beautiful piece of soul.
    Thank you for it.
    p.s. that picture is absolutely gorgeous. how did you accomplish that? slow shutter speed?

  3. I need to tell myself all these things, too.