trembling but roaring


riddle + mystery + puzzle

Recently seventeen, and completely lost in this world. Traveling a million miles a minute, but only seeing the ground crawl by at three miles an hour. How? Why? How does life give off the illusion that it is all swiftly disappearing but only dripping slowly? I don't like this dance Time is forcing me to perform - all these tornado twists and slow, careful dips. These steps are so confusing and so simple and look at all these molasses and soda stains on my shirt - wow life is messy.

The riddle: what is flying by, but still only crawling? The answer: Time.
The mystery: how does it all work? The discovery: I have no idea.

This consciousness we affectionately call life is an odd one. It would be wonderful if Time would stop calling me towards the future with its swiftly approaching waterfalls while it traps me in the Present quicksand. My heart can't take that kind of teasing. But the adrenaline rush, the pound pound pounding of the drum inside my chest, it is so thankful for every tense - past, present, future - that Time offers me.
The puzzle: a billion pieces, every color of life. The completed product: a lightening-strike heart and a lion voice and a green thumb and ocean eyes and soft earth in the lines of your hands and thankful breaths and a meteor shower laugh and a heart overflowing with every second of every day that you have been alive and a tongue that sings the life-giving song and a life that reproduces an eternal love.


  1. first of all CAN WE JUST TALK ABOUT THESE PHOTOS. the last one especially, oh my heart. i just want to live in that moment. secondly, i'm turning seventeen on sunday and i feel this on an emotional level, man. basically my life right now.
    you are amazing.

  2. I'm so glad you saved this and that you rediscovered it. it's wonderful.