trembling but roaring


the boy who cried thunder, the girl who cried rain

there was an adolescent boy, sitting in the corner
light fractured, glimmering on the walls
his mind was swimming in the girl's ocean

there was an adolescent girl, standing against the wall
knee-high socks, overthinking thoughts
she praised the sculptor of the boy's frame

there were two fresh souls, on opposite sides of the same room
unaware of the unbearable tsunami
crashing in their chests simultaneously 

the waters rise on their own terms

there was a boy who thought too loudly
there was a girl who spoke so subtly

there was a boy and there was a girl
there were two hearts that were broken
in complimenting pieces
there were different pains felt inside that sealed
those complimenting pieces together like glue

here comes the thunder here comes the rain
here comes the love that causes incredible pain

there were scars on his arms and
there were scars on her thighs and
there were scars on their minds
there were scars on their hands and
they tried to mend each other with them

you fell on the sidewalk and broke your own heart
and all the world's words and all the world's love
couldn't put your heart back together again

there was an adolescent boy, sitting on the roof
thinking, thinking, thinking
thinking about everything [ about her ]

there was an adolescent girl, sitting on the roof
loving loving loving
loving every little thing [ about life and about him ]

there were two old souls, sitting on the roof side-by-side
and everything came crumbling down
in an array of sparks and ashes
burning bridges and words

there was a boy who understood the world too well
there was a girl who understood goodbyes too well
there was a boy and there was a girl with glass shards in their hands
there were clouds filling the sky dark and sooty

the skyline twinkled like low-flying stars
but they weren't flying low enough to latch on to

there was a boy and there was a girl
there were years that stretched before and years that stretched behind them
there was lightening flashing above them and thunder crashing around them

you fell and i fell and everyone fell
now we're drenched in salty raindrops
the ones that fell down your cheeks
now we're deaf from your screams
that leaped from your throat

there was a boy and there was a girl
who crawled quietly out of their minds
back home


  1. SHUT UP. as I was reading this I was going to choose a favorite line, but i can't.
    i honestly think this is one of the most beautiful things you've ever written. ever.
    excuse me while i go read it twenty more times.

  2. I CAN'T EVEN right now. This is one of the best things I've read in a long time. I want to read this over and over again. Wow.

  3. oh your words take my breath away. please don't ever quit writing.

  4. Speech. Less. Speechless. Did I mention speechless? I'm a new reader here, and may I just say that it is 11 o'clock and already my breath has been taken away because of the amazing-ness of your writing. If you need me I'll be over there...reading it again and again.

    Emily | Lynde Avenue