trembling but roaring


growing up / october again / burial

growing up is a strange event
when all of a sudden the monsters
under your bed become your
and your friends become those
withering skeletons you dry clean
in your closet the ones covered
in blood stains and haunting
and i don't know if this is
just a tall tale or if it's real
because sometimes i could
swear i heard a voice i used
to play with coming
from my favorite
dress that's
up in
my closet or
maybe it's just the wind
howling around the headstones
that mark where i laid to rest
all of the lives i have lived
in the past
and look now it's october again
october signifying another self
lived and lost another life to lay down again
the burial is fast approaching
i will gently undress this year
from my frame and
lay it in the coffin
in the soft earth alongside the
and work on watering this new
life into fruition
i pray it will take me somewhere i've
never been before
i really want to go somewhere new
before this time rolls around next year
when the leaves start to turn red and die again
when campfires and crisper weather make more appearances again
i will slide this life off and begin again
begin again again again again again
growing up is a strange event


  1. This is absolutely amazing. I love your writing, Grace.

    xx Sarah

  2. Growing up is odd. I'm convinced it's a lifelong process. And I loved how you wrote about the dress hanging in your closet having a voice. I can see that, and I resonate with it.