trembling but roaring


you'll see me tomorrow because / nspw 2015

you'll see me tomorrow because of all of the sunrises and sunsets i have yet to see. because of emily and eqiii and jacob and cole and kayla and jake and mom and dad and veronica and mike and alex and all the people i love, the people that care about me. because of all the kids i need to love on, inspire, care for, and teach; because of all of the good books, good movies, good music i have yet to discover; because concerts and worship and plays and musicals and pizza and kittens and donuts and ice cream cake and birthdays (all the birthdays); because wearing cute dresses just for fun, because dresses with pockets; because sunflowers and dark chocolate and teddy bears and pillow pets and freshly washed sheets and towels straight from the drier and oversized sweaters and hot showers and new notebooks and silly stickers and red lipstick and handwritten letters and laughing so hard tears stream down your face and fireworks on the fourth of july and jumping into the deep end and searching for seashells by the seashore and pens that do your handwritting some justice and campfires and s'mores with your favorites and thanksgiving dinner and warm, safe hugs and finding your home. because there's a whole damn big world out there that i haven't laid eyes on yet i haven't touched yet i haven't smelled yet i haven't heard yet, and there are 7 billion people i need to say 'hi' to give hugs to smile at; because of all the stupid silly gifts i need to give my friends that turn into inside jokes that last a lifetime; because i have so much love left to give; because there is an infinite spring inside me full of sunshine and love and hope that needs some help breaking free; because even though just the thought of getting out of bed every morning hurts like hell, God has a purpose and a plan, so much bigger and brighter than my pain, that hasn't even started yet; a plan made of healing and hope and growth and love and life. and all that's just scratching the surface of why you'll see me tomorrow.

This week is National Suicide Prevention Week, and today is World Suicide Prevention Day.
For more info on NSPW, visit here
For more info on We’ll See You Tomorrow, TWLOHA’s annual NSPW/WSPD awareness campaign, visit here.

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  1. love you so much girlie, and i'm so glad i get to see you "tomorrow"